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At the Keynote Microsoft announces the availability of Office 2001.

At the Keynote Microsoft announces the availability of Office 2001.

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New York

Kevin Browne, general manager of the Mac Business Unit, invited by Jobs, takes the stage at the Javiz convention center and officially informs those present that the 2001 version of the office will be available in the United States starting in October. The new version, which had already circulated in beta for some time, was shown during the keynote and everyone was able to appreciate the pleasant interface and have a look at the future features, many of which will be "Mac only". The new suite of applications will be even more compatible with the Windows version, but also with other specific and non-Macintosh applications such as Apple Works or FileMaker. As Kevin Browne said "Office 2001 for Macintosh is even more similar to the Mac". As a demonstration of the durability of the idyll between Apple and Microsoft, the announcement of a new and specific identity of the Macintosh Business Unit is of interest. This new identity will be obvious to all buyers of Office 2001 who, upon opening the package, will discover a reusable picevole CD holder. Close. Each application has a new Mac-style interface and both icons and toolbars have been redesigned. According to the Mac Business Unit, Mac users attach great importance to design and therefore it was logical to expect this decision. Integration with some features of the Mac OS operating system, such as the ability to transform Power Point presentations into QuickTime movies, appears to be in line with this new trend. Greater compatibility. It was said of the new integration capabilities: well, a recent survey reveals that 81% of Mac users work in mixed environments and are forced to constantly switch between Mac and PC. The previous version (Office 98) was able to open and save files in different formats, but more than one user has encountered problems after a few steps, not to mention the headaches we have created for Office 2000 for Windows users who are less savvy , when we have passed a file without the desired .doc or .xls extension !!! Now, with Office 2001 all this belongs to the past. Users of applications such as AppleWorks and FileMaker will appreciate the possibility of importing databases and text files without having to resort to third-party translators and above all the large and transparent integration between Office and FielMaker savings 'to many the labors with Access' With Excel it will be in fact possible to analyze the information contained in FileMaker database and to import them with Excel 2001 FileMaker Pro Import wizard or doffonder them with Word 2001 Data Merge Manager.Entourage 2001, finally it is a program by e-mail which also acts as an organizer taking the form of Palm Desktop. Entourage, in fact, allows a perfect integration with the basic Palm OS applications and acts as a sorting center for the whole Office 2001 package. Give us the time to try it all out and we will provide the details of a road test.

(Edited by Beniamino Cenci Goga)

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