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Apple patents a nib to write anywhere (even in the air)

The Cupertino house filed a patent for an Apple Pencil with superpowers that could also be used to model 3D objects

Apple Pencil

The next generation of the Apple Pencil, the nib that currently the Cupertino company combines with its iPad Pro, could be radically different from the one we know. In fact, in these hours a deposited patent emerged describing a type of new digital style on the devices of the bitten apple: a gadget able to trace points and lines on every type of surface, and even in mid-air.

(Photo: World Intellectual Property Organization)(Photo: World Intellectual Property Organization)

The technology described by Apple replaces the current method used to detect the position of the stylus in relation to the screen with another system: a group of sensors and accelerometers capable of constantly keeping track of the place occupied by the pen in space and of the orientation that this assumes in the phase of writing. The solution thus eliminates the need for the nib to come into contact with its designated surface so far represented by the touch screen of its tablet and unlocks new types of use

(Photo: World Intellectual Property Organization)(Photo: World Intellectual Property Organization)

Being able to draw on surfaces other than the touch screen it can, for example, help to trace motifs and figures that would then be easily found on the screen; or it can be used to take measurements of objects present in the real world, all in three dimensions. Finally, drawing in midair can be useful in 3D object modeling and in interaction with scenarios in augmented reality, a sector on which Apple is focusing very strongly in this period.

As usual a patent is not necessarily the immediate precursor of a product in imminent arrival: this hypothetical Apple Pencil with superpowers could therefore still be far from being put on the market. 2018 for only at the beginning and could reserve positive surprises in this sense.


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