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Apple, expected over 100 million iPhone 12 in 2020 thanks also to 5G

Despite current sales iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are definitely going beyond forecasts, the next iPhone 12 will be the one to expect significant numbers on the market, as well as a renewed design. The current iPhones, in the current state of affairs, are a further evolution of the iPhone X, launched now more than two years ago, without significant aesthetic changes, especially on the front, but definitely improved as regards the hardware features.

One of the aspects that many manufacturers will target to encourage users to buy new smartphones will be 5G. Among these is Apple, which has decided to wait until next year to give operators time to continue to expand a network that, at present, is far from being ready both from the point of view of coverage and technology.

According to what reported by Digitimes, Apple would have expected to arrive at 100 million orders for iPhone 12, a significant leap forward compared to 80 million iPhone 11 and 11 Pro expected for 2019. The figure hypothesized by Digitimes is presumably based on the forecasts that Apple has provided to its partners to enable them to begin to gear up for the start of mass production. A 25% increase in sales of new iPhones during the second half of the year would still seem rather ambitious.

On the iPhone 12 range we will find a 5G modem made by Qualcomm – following the tight race in recent months. Apple will probably also use a 3D time-of-flight camera system for augmented reality features, as anticipated during last summer. The design should return more "square" as in the past on the iPhone 4 and, more recently, on the iPad Pro. The 5G should also increase production costs, analysts say.

At present, several manufacturers already offer 5G variants of their smartphones. However, in general, they are more expensive versions intended only for a narrow market segment. Forecasts generally speak of only 15 million 5G smartphones shipped by the end of 2019. In the coming years, obviously, this figure is expected to increase exponentially.