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Angry Birds Transformers, the first trailer

The meeting between birds and robots promises to be hot. Here is the first video, released at the Comic-Con

Just in time for the Comic Con of San Diego, here comes the first trailer of Angry Birds Transformers. The mash up, announced last month, unites two of the most famous franchises of their time: the Finnish birds that over the last decade have conquered smashing fans on all the mobile platforms, and the shapeshifting robots born in the 80s as cartoon and action figures who are experiencing a second Hollywood youth.

The gameplay still armored, but from the trailer images you can already guess that the characters of the robotic saga will be interpreted in a humorous way by the protagonists of angry Birds (with Red in the role of Optimus Prime and one of the piglets in those of the Decepticon Megatron), and that in the game there will be interaction with the nfc models to approach the tablet or smartphone, probably on the model of what happens with the Skylanders and the competition fees.

Even the release date and price remain unknown, but we can assume that Angry Birds Transformers arriver by the end of the summer at a price not unlike that of the last titles in the saga.


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