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An iPod shuffle shirt

A t-shirt for iPod shuffle logomacitynet1200wide 1

After the iPod jacket is also the iPod shuffle shirt. The idea of ??imitating the exclusive Burton garment (about $ 500 in the US market) of Shuffle Shirt on a smaller scale.

The t-shirts are simple round necks in cotton of various colors, fitted on the shoulder with a pocket created for iPod shuffle. Player owners will thus be able to avoid neck straps, clips or pins, walking around with their trusty multimedia player and ear headphones.

Some t-shirts (those in yellow and black), to add a touch of irreverence, bring witty writings and, obviously, based on the philosophy of iPod shuffle like "The playlist is dead" or "Sorry, I can't hear you. I?m Shuffling ?. The yellow shirts represent the smile of the "smiley".

The course of the t-shirts of $ 20 but for now to be able to buy them are only American customers or those who have the possibility of having them ordered and delivered in the USA. The producer does not foresee the export.

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