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Amazon Fire: just an update and it turns into a smart display with Alexa

The group's latest generation tablets will soon be optionally transformed into smart displays constantly in contact with Alexa

(Photo: Amazon)(Photo: Amazon)

Who has a tablet at home Amazon Fire HD 8 or HD 10 the latest generation could soon find an object with very interesting features in its hands: Jeff Bezos' group has announced for its tablets the availability of a new mode of use able to turn them into smart displays with the Alexa digital assistant.

The mode was christened Show Mode in reference to the smart display Echo Show that Amazon has put on the market a year ago, and actually designed to make tablets available the same identical features smart screens already on the market. In this configuration the gadgets they listen for any activation commands for the Alexa voice assistant, they answer the requests through the loudspeakers and display on the display the information that the synthesis engine cannot make available with the single voice, such as weather, web pages, recipes, driving directions and much more.

(Photo: Amazon)(Photo: Amazon)

To activate the modalitbette position the tablet on board of a special onepedestal provided with socket for recharging, which allows you to view the time and notifications permanently but also to always listen without the battery running out in a short time. Removing the tablet from the pedestal immediately returns Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 to their original condition of simple tablets ..

In the United States the software update that makes the Show Mode available will be released starting from July 2nd on compatible tablets, while to have it available also in Italy we will first have to wait for the voice assistant Alexa to arrive on our territory. As anticipated by Amazon itself for, it should not be long.


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