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After Bangalore, Gurgaon wakes up racist attacks on people in the northeast

On a gloomy October 16 morning, India woke up with the terrifying news of another racist attack against people from the Northeast. Only a few days ago, Bangalore witnessed one of the most atrocious racist attacks; just not talking Kannada. If this was not enough to digest, the Gurgaon incident was even more terrifying.

Two call center employees were arrested in the village of Sikandpur and one of them cut his hair by force.

Here's how the accident happened:

Awang Newme, one of the victims of the racist attack, said he left his friend's home (Aloto) at 11:30 pm, when four men (attackers) invited him to have a drink. It is said that he said,

"They asked me to call my friend and call other friends for a drink with them. But after a while, they started beating us and I didn't know why. They beat us with cricket bats and hockey sticks. They wrapped my whole body and forced us to continue drinking. After a while, my friend managed to escape. I ran away around 4 am ".

Although the image thus formed in our heads is horrible after reading the admission of the victim of the entire incident, one wonders what might have prompted the attackers to do something like this.

On this, Newme quoted one of the attackers repeatedly saying to him and his friend,

"We want all of you from the Northeast to abandon Sikandarpur".

Another local resident in Sikandarpur said:

"The boys were confined for over three hours and brutally beaten. Aloto was therefore saved by a relative ".

The police have detained only one person so far and is ending the whole incident as a mere clash between drunks and not a racist attack.

Reacting to such stories that revolve around police behavior to address the situation, the Northeast and Helpline support center reacted with a strong statement on the entire incident. They said,

"The boys were called out by a group of attackers, about 15 in number, and were then forced to drink alcohol. They were confined to a room near Sabzi Mandi in the village of Sikanderpur and were beaten with cricket bats and hockey sticks ".

Social media did not go away expressing people's opinions on this episode. Twitter particularly animated by done that #RacistShame the number one trend in India.

Here are some Twitter reactions selected on the same: –


– chandni suresh babu (@ChandniBabu), 16 October 2014

Do not use gasoline, the natural gas that our earth tilts. Don't you wake up to our t? Don't you glorify Mary Kom? #RacistShame #racism

– Paromita Bardoloi (@ParomitaBardolo), 17 October 2014

India is one of the most racist nations in the world. slightly hypocritical when we cry that the racist west. #RacistShame

– Rashi Kakkar (@rashi_kakkar), 17 October 2014

#RacistShame Whenever people see people with Ne they assume that they come from Nepal or China. The people of North America are simply the best people in India.

– Abhishek bari (@ abhishekbari03) 17 October 2014

We blame aus and the United States to distinguish us while we discriminate against Kashmir – north-east terrorist – chinki UP – bhaiya #RacistShame

– Keyur Shah # BDL # (@ keyur_shah5) 17 October 2014

The whole incident creates a completely new image of India that still exists in the densest corners of the country. We are not guided by our mind every time, but our perceptions sometimes get the better of us.

In one of the many beautiful articles by Marci Marcel Thekaekara, he wrote,

"India is always a mystery, a country so large that the practices from Kashmir to Kanyakumari are as different from each other as Scotland comes from Greece or Russia. Each state as a different country with different languages, kitchens, clothes, customs, climate. Punjabs are closer in terms of food and language to the Pakistanis than to the Tamils. "

Only perhaps, the land of mystery needs to immediately demystify this problem. Perhaps, we need our Indian version of Sherlock to help find a solution so that the land of diversity can be talked from one end to the other in the same breath.

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Courtesy of: The Indian Express