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A low-cost iPad for students is about to come out

Apple has ready a basic version of its tablet, dedicated to students and teachers; we will see it in a few days, presented during a dedicated event

We return to talk about iPad in the latest rumors concerning Apple; to be precise, we return to talking about one low cost tablet that could make its debut in a few days, or the March 27th. To mention the possibility Bloomberg, which emphasizes how the device could be intended for students and teachers, and therefore fit into an educational context where the Cupertino group seems to be struggling to spread its tablet over (in the United States at least) to opponents like Microsoft and Google.

Apple in effect is scheduled for next Tuesday event focused on the world of education; will be the first of the year and, at least according to the sources of Bloomerg, it will be right here that will launch its low cost proposal. Obviously it is a cheap iPad only in reference to the standards of Apple products, and not an absolute affordable device: so much should be enough, in the hopes of society, to recover part of the disadvantage accumulated on rivals of Redmond and Mountain View whose operating systems animate the devices respectively of 22 and 60 percent of the gadgets sold to American schools.

We could therefore expect a device with technical characteristics similar to those of the current basic iPad, or anything comparable to the future iPad Pro with Face ID estimated by previous rumors. We will soon discover the details, while those who wait will probably be left without words something new also in the MacBook environment. According to Bloomberg, Apple would even have a school proposal in the laptop, but she wouldn't be able to finalize it in time for the presentation of Tuesday


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