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A challenge a day

A challenge a day

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NEW YORK The challenge for Apple's future by now only one: to increase its turnover. This is one of the main reasons we talked about a long time yesterday on Wall Street among the analysts who follow the Cupertino title. "Apple – reads an article published by ZD Net – s must leave behind the times when everyone believed it a company that could be said to have escaped certain death. Now, having overcome this phase, the real challenge is another. Apple must transform itself from a company that "resurrected" into a company that makes profits and gains market share by increasing its turnover. "This aspect is particularly crucial according to those who financially follow the Cupertino company. In this regard, a significant fact: despite the undoubted progress made in recent years, Apple is no longer able to reach a turnover of 10 billion dollars from the now-distant 1995. This would be due to the fall in the average price of the machines, but also to the fact that despite the efforts market shares for Apple continue to stagnate around figures that are not satisfactory. "A relatively simple way to remedy this situation – said Walter Winnitzky, an analyst at Chase H&Q – to aim to return to being absolute protagonists, as well as in the consumer sector, also in that of companies and in other areas where Apple had been the protagonist in the past ". An important role could be played by MacOs X, but even some of the new machines that will be presented tomorrow could have the corporate scope in mind.

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