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With Metaio even smartwatches use augmented reality

The visual recognition function installed on the wearable devices lends itself to a combined use with the smartphone

(Photo: InsideAr)(Photo: InsideAr)

When you have breakfast, that's enough take a picture with the smartwatch to the cereal box because automatically recognize what you are eating and develop a personalized nutritional plan. This and more will be possible thanks to the innovation promoted by Metaio, the company specializing in augmented reality solutions, which allows for improve and simplify the interaction between smartwatch and smartphone through the computer visual recognition installed on the wearable device.

How does it work? Listantanea taken with the smartwatch is transferred to the phone, which uses the visual search technology by Metaio to recognize the object in question and collect all the relevant data available. The information appears summarized on the smartwatch screen, while they remain available on the smartphone for a more in-depth approach. An innovation that does not concern the first Android Wear, without a camera, but only the previous models, from Samsung with Tizen to all the others with Android.

Metaio has already developed several apps that take advantage of this new interaction between devices; present your products at the event InsideAr in Monaco on 29 and 30 October.


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