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With Firechat send messages even without an Internet connection

The app for anonymous messaging and without a network is updated, supporting the exchange of text between iOS and Android


The developers' initial idea was to make it easier to exchange messages in places where the connection was not excellent or did not exist, such as the subway or train. Firechat an app that uses the bluetooth or wi-fi protocol to connect users even when the Internet is blocked or there is no network coverage. To do this, create a private ad hoc network between the devices in the same area, in which everyone can act as an intermediary for the other: from an initial range of about seventy meters, therefore, the coverage radius of the technology expands as more users are using the app.

These features are now joined by the compatibility between iOs and Android, which until now had been off limits and could now give the app even more chance of success: according to the Financial Times, Firechat would be depopulated for example in Iraq, where citizens are suffering partial or total blocks of connectivity.


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