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Windows voice assistant to read text on the screen

Human-machine interaction is increasingly necessary and therefore more useful for users, not only through the use of smartphones, but also with other types of devices. We know the voice assistant above all because of the use we make of it on mobile devices that help us in many aspects of everyday life. To suggest the latest news, weather forecasts, the translation of a text, record an appointment on the calendar or the vocal reading of what appears on the screen. And when are we in front of a computer? In this case, Windows voice assistant could be useful for a professional use, but also social use of the Pc.

Smartphones and tablets are the devices that use this function the most, but it is proving to be useful even on the desktop. Think of those who have vision problems and cannot read a text, an e-mail or a web page on the PC screen, as it might be useful for the Windows voice recognition function to read a text for us. I want to talk about this feature in this article and how to use a Windows voice assistant on the computer screen.

It is likely that we are aware of the presence of this feature on Windows, but we do not know how to use it. Activate the voice assistant on Windows very simple, even with the use of keyboard shortcuts. Once we have become aware of this feature, let's see how to activate the voice assistant using different methods, then to the chosen canvas on the one that best suits your needs.

The Windows voice assistant has the function to read the text that appears on the screen, but also to report events as error messages that appear on the screen. Let's see how to activate Windows 10 voice assistant.

Activate Windows Voice Assistant

There are at least four ways to start the voice repeater function on Windows, and are the ones preferred by computer and tablet users:

  1. Go to the computer keyboard and press the button WINDOWS + ENTER.
  2. On a tablet with a Windows operating system, press the buttons simultaneously WINDOWS + Volume Up.
  3. When you are on the computer login screen, click on the button accessibility that you findin the lower left corner of the screen and then choose Voice assistant.
  4. From the lower bar of the PC, click on the Notifications in the right border and click onAll the settings, then click on accessibility and then activeVoice assistant.

Windows voice assistant

When you activate the voice assistant with the latter method, a banner will appear on the screen with some instructions that you can also listen to in audio format. From this page you can make some settings like the automatic start of the assistant or the choice of the item and the reading speed.

Let's see how to make the text assist with the voice assistant. The simplest way is to use the direction keys to explore text in a word processing document like Microsoft Word.

Another method is to use the search mode to read the text. To activate the search mode, press CAPS LOCK+SPACE BAR. Use the UP and GI arrow keys to read one line at a time and the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to read one character at a time.

Closing voice assistant

If after using it you want to close the voice assistant function, you can do it in different ways. These are the hot keys to close the function:

  • On your computer keyboard press the button WINDOWS + ENTER.
  • On the tablet with Windows press the WINDOWS + Volume Up buttons simultaneously.

Finally we must point out some limits of this function. Not all apps are compatible with the voice assistant, if an app does not support text reading, the voice assistantNot in the explorable text". In this case it is better to use the search mode to explore and read the text. If you need more information on this interesting feature, you can read the Windows guide where you will also find the indication of all available commands.

How nice the voice assistants! It is really a beautiful invention. Many functions activated with a single sentence. If you also have an Android device, this guide will help you simplify searches and functions.

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