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Vine launches Loop Counts, your video playback counter

From today you can find out how many times your videos have been looped around: an interesting fact to measure your success

The creativity of the art of add two plus two to get five. This supported Arthur Koestler who, having grown up in the shadow of Buckingham Palace in twentieth-century London, could never have imagined that today in a jungle of data, statistics and insights, the numbers on social channels are becoming so important for bring out artists and give visibility to what they want to communicate.

Vine, the famous mobile application owned by Twitter that allows users to create and share short videos that are repeated automatically, has launched today Loop Counts, the first data natural platform analytics: the application will then provide the number in real time of how many times the video was displayed, adding up all the loops that were actually launched.

An interesting statistic that succeeds finally measuring a function that characterizes and differentiates Vine from other competitors: the looping of the videos. The other functions are in fact adaptations of the interactions already present on other social media, such as the Likes and re-Vine taken from the Fav and Twitter Retweets, while the video loop was one of the main reasons for the success and popularity of the application between artists and creatives from around the world.

The data provided by the Loop Counts not just innovative, but hardly replicable on other platforms. a new metric that reinforces Vine's positioning and allows you to put in the hands of the many young creatives who want to try Vine a new way to compare and measure success or less of a content, similar to YouTube video views, but with a basic difference, it is yes visions multiple and repeated.

This novelty could certainly be source of inspiration for people and give Vine an important new push, with a view to creating original and interesting content.


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