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The wolf loses its fur …

The wolf loses its fur …

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Steve Ballmer introduces Comdex 2000 Canada and we discover that once again Microsoft is inspired by Apple. Aqua style buttons, an iMovie with windows and even a player that has a lot of QT interface. An article by our friend Alessandro Cancian, just back from the keynote, can only push us to say that the wolf loses the hair but not the habit. That's what Alessandro writes to us. This morning I had the opportunity to follow the keynote of Steve Ballmer, about it to the presentation of at the opening of Comdex 2000 Canada and I thought that some curiosity might be of interest.No major news regarding the Mac world was announced during the presentation or the following session of questions reserved for the press. The only change to the theme was the confirmation that as small as the market share of Linux in the server world is, this is the only "concern" for Microsoft. The next logical answer to the fact that "… at least for the moment no Microsoft application will be brought into the Linux environment …". The curiosity for friends of the apple, however, there were, like the introduction of Movie Maker, which is very reminiscent, very much indeed , iMovie only that instead of keeping the clips on the right and the previews on the left things were reversed (and no one says they copy it). However, the thing that intrigued me the most was a video presentation of the Microsoft vision regarding the future of computers and the Internet. Well believe it or not, the interface of the future used, it had something familiar, something already seen … Opps but those buttons are the same as those in Aqua for Mac OS X … .. Windows media Player was if not quite the same, a lot similar to the version of QT demonstrated by Jobs.If associated with the fact that Ballmer has stated that Microsoft is trying to make the user interface more human in the next generations of the OS, someone might even think that in the future there will be a Win -XX with a look very similar to Mac OS X. A professor of mine taught me that the story in fact consists of courses and appeals, so since this technique is not unknown to Microsoft … Two other notes in closing. Two videoclips were presented really funny, in the first Ballmer he played Dr. Evil while Gates played the role of Austin Power. In the second, space for conflict with the American DOJ. In this case Gates appeared in front of Judge Judy (a kind of Forum, very popular in North America in these times) who told him to pay and get started really to work Ah, I forgot .. There was the classic crash of system, which obviously created not a little embarrassment given that Ballmer had just finished affirming how stable the new products were. The crash in question concerned Win ME.In conclusion, and for all that I have told you up to now, it seems to be able to say that the old adage "the wolf loses the hair but not the vice", also applies to Microsoft …

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