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The new iOS 10 is incompatible with 40% of the iPads in circulation

The update will not be installed on three series of iPads among the older ones but also widely used

(Photo: Apple)(Photo: Apple)

One of the less discussed features of iOS 10 just announced is the one that is destined to have the most considerable impact on Apple users. This is the compatibility of the update which is rather limited for iPads.

In fact, all iPad 2, iPad 3 and first generation iPad mini can't install it, and they are destined to remain cut off not only from Home and from new versions of system apps, but also from security updates.

The products actually mentioned are no longer very young, if they had been Android they would have been abandoned to their fate by their builder months earlier, but they are also a tide: 40% of the total, according to some March data reported by Localytics.

Tablets have long been suffering from a problem of stagnant growth, and Apple's are no exception: they are no longer a status symbol and they are not super powerful; everyone is enough to do what they already have, with the consequence that the obsolete fleet increased proportionately to the total up to these levels.


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