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The misdeeds of Jobs and Wozniak before Apple.

The misdeeds of Jobs and Wozniak before Apple.

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When Jobs worked for Atari and Wozniak for HP, Breakout, a hugely popular video game, was invented in his spare time, but over the years they realized that the gains of the invention were not evenly distributed between the two (much more collection) 'Jobs, with a total of about $ 7000, while Woz only 350).

The story is told by the "without-hair-on-the-language" Steve Wozniak on his site where he regularly replies to anyone who wants to ask him something interesting.

Woz confirms that the game had been programmed by him free of charge for Atari (which he considered one of the best companies of that pioneering period) and then he believed that the sum of $ 350 was correct.

When, some time later, he learned of the greater gain of his partner-friend, it hurt him, but now he prefers to forget the matter.

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