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The golden age

The golden age

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There has been excitement over the AAPL title. In recent days, the stock of Apple has in fact begun to move from the positions it held for a few weeks testing thresholds that it had not seen for some time. Yesterday, at the start of the day, for some hours it exceeded $ 60, which represented an important threshold, then the descent to the bottom to close at -4% compared to the previous day. According to some analysts, the fluctuations on the stock are determined by the strong uncertainty that weighs on the moves that the company will implement in the coming days. According to some Apple, in fact, they will surely present new and innovative products at the next MacWorld Expo, according to others it will simply be implemented a freshen up to the line. Depending on the prevalence in the course of the day of one or the other current the actions go up or down with great volubility. In any case the time of the predictions is running out to leave room to that of the facts. The day that opens today could mark an advance once again based on subjective elements, then from Monday you will have the first information on the financial statement planned for Tuesday and then will be immediately keynote. Most likely only after the speech of Jobs and the stock of Comments that will follow from market analysts will understand what the stock trend may be in the remainder of the year. We recall that the forecasts for AAPL remain positive for most of the companies that cover the market trend of the Cupertino company. For many the price target placed between 70 and 75 $ against 56.5 yesterday. But these are indications that could be upset by what Apple is preparing to do in the coming weeks characterized by a veritable jungle of possible announcements. In addition to the Expo in late August there will be the Seybold, where we could see a revision of the line professional, in mid-September Paris, where the public beta of MacOs X may appear, at the beginning of October a new financial statement followed by the possible announcement of a radical revision of iBook. In short, from here to the end of the year it is not illogical to think of a complete overhaul of the entire Apple range and a powerful relaunch in the sales sector followed by the presentation of MacOs X next January. It is difficult for the market to punish a company that has regained user credit and can punish a company with these prospects.

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