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The FBI triggers the mailivore

The FBI triggers the mailivore

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It's called Carnivoro but its daily meal is millions of emails and its dad the FBI. Among the many "big brothers" of the network who make their appearance every day in the pages of online newspapers, Carnivoro seems to be the thing that comes closest. The existence of this system was admitted by the FBI itself, which specified that it is simply a new method of interception of communications, an evolution of telephone records. The federal agency for the investigations has in fact affirmed that its use is limited to some particular cases (to date not more than a hundred) in which the "listening" of the electronic mail is important so much that of the telephone communications. "The monitoring – they told the FBI – it takes place by order of a judge and much more discreet and precise than telephone tapping ". In addition to this, the FBI states, Carnivore also capable of distinguishing messages as opposed to its predecessor which, not surprisingly, called Onnivore, digested 6 Giga of data per hour without distinguishing between suspect and other traffic people. Assurances that failed to allay the concerns of citizen groups fighting for privacy and US Internet Providers who fear that the FBI will install software without their knowledge within their systems. Others have questioned the actual effectiveness of Carnivore. If in fact the messages are encrypted they can be captured but their reading depends on how efficient their coding is. Big brother or tool for fighting crime? The FBI reveals the existence of Carnivoro, a system that can read millions of e-mails a day and many worry about it. "Don't worry – they say to the office of criminal investigations – his task of fighting offenses"

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