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The "€ œMactorola" € will be called ROKR

Of the new Motorola mobile with iTunes for now there is no trace, but the name, at least that now official. The phone will be called ROKR. To reveal the brand with which the product will be marketed on the market was the same Motorola in the context of a meeting with journalists had on the sidelines of the 3GSM of Cannes.

The use of the four letters in line with Motorola's most recent marketing line started with the RAZR series and has recently continued with the PEBL and the SLVR. In the case of ROKR, ?Rocker?, the choice of the name appears rather self-explanatory, given that it is a telephone intended for a predominantly musical use.

Ed Zander, CEO of Motorola, certainly cannot be said to have been very generous with information on ROKR of which he has said practically nothing, if not the name. Some rumors about circulated on the sidelines of the press conference where it was learned that the phone could be based on HD. The appearance of the case and the functions would be the result of a collaboration between Apple and Motorola, useful for recalling the relationship between the mobile phone and the iPod. Less credible are the rumors that Apple would have demanded a limitation on the number of songs that the "Mactorola" could store. Much more probable that the only limit is that imposed by the technologies available today (if indeed the support was a micro-HD) or by the type of flash memory adopted.

ROKR could be presented in mid-March at CTIA Wireless in New Orleans and marketed in the second half of the year and could therefore be preceded by competing models. The prospect of arriving after Nokia or Sony Ericsson does not seem to worry Motorola dramatically. "We think we have all the time we need," Zander said, "and with it also the market leader: iTunes."