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Tablets like less and less

The public prefers the more versatile 2-in-1 laptops and tablet sales still fall

Man with down syndrome using tablet

Hailed as a revolution in the hi-tech world, it seems that after having experienced their moment of glory tablets are destined to decline in popularity for a long time yet. The last confirmation arrives data related to the last quarter released by IDC, which show a decrease of 12.3% in the sector compared to the same period last year. Not that 2015 in general had gone better: the first signs of fatigue on the market for tablets had already been more than glimpsed at the time, when sales had diminished by 10% compared to 2014, which was already not brilliant.

(Photo: IDC)(Photo: IDC)

Among the producers the generalized debacle. The sales of the companies outside the top 5 of IDC decreased overall by 22.9%, but at the top of the ranking things are no better: Apple and Samsung, however more than stable at the top with 10 and 6 million units sold in the quarter, they fell by 9.2 and 24.5% respectively. Only Lenovo, Huawei and Amazon have proven to be stronger of the negative trend that characterizes the entire sector, even if the numbers of the group of Jeff Bezos are spoiled by the exclusion, last year, of the 6-inch tablets that instead have been counted this year.

As the preference of consumers moves towards more productivity-oriented devices, they explain from IDC the odds of pure tablets tapering in favor of a modest growth of 2-in-1 tablets. The next version of the Google operating system will offer better support for multitasking thanks to the split screen mode: it could be a good opportunity for a recovery of Android tablets.


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