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Surprising Yahoo

Surprising Yahoo

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Perhaps the New Economy will not be that investor's paradise that everyone predicted it could become, but certainly the most serious companies in the industry seem to still have plenty of gasoline in the tank, lots of gasoline to still be able to amaze. stocks that more than others suffered the beating of a couple of months ago showed a surprising result yesterday to the declaration of the fiscal quarter. The most visited Internet site in the world, in a period that should have marked a decline in profits, has indeed beaten forecasts. The profits per share were in fact 12 cents against the 10 expected and the profit was 74 million dollars against 24 in the same period last year. But the most interesting and most surprising data was the increase in turnover: 270 million dollars against only 128 last year, a 110% increase that very few would have expected. The results on the list were immediate with a growth in the stock which touched 10%. The entire Nasdaq, of which Yahoo is one of the leaders, is growing significantly (+ 2.40% as we write) benefiting many Internet titles.

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