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Stylect, an app to find the perfect shoes

Stylect through an algorithm similar to Tinder allows you to find shoes similar to your tastes. The Italian founder Giacomo Summa in London has found funding for his project

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<p>A classic blue neckline? <strong>Swipe for the s</strong>.Bone-colored ballerina with a 2 cm heel? <strong>Swipe for no</strong>. <em>Absolutely not.</em>Stylect is defined <strong>Tinder for women's shoes</strong>. Its mechanism is reminiscent of the dating app, but in this case you have to declare your own <strong>love / hate for ankle boots and sandals</strong>.</p><div class=

There are around 60 thousanddifferent shoe models and based on the preferences expressed Stylect recommends the ones most similar to your tastes. In the first 7 months the app registered more than 60 million "swipes" and has achieved great international success.

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<p>The Italian founder is called<strong> Giacomo Summa</strong>, is 28 years old, graduated from the<strong>MIT of Boston</strong> and has had several work experiences abroad including Google in Dublin, the German incubator Rocket Internete the Dafiti e-commerce in Brazil.</p>
<p><b>Giacomo, how did the idea of ??Stylect come about?</b></p>
<p>?When I left Dafiti in Brazil and returned to Europe in London I observed Tinder's success and thought that the graphic interface of the app could have been very low in the world of mobile e-commerce and that women shoes could be the first product on sale."</p>
<p><strong>With Stylect, what changes for users and for e-commerce?</strong></p>
<p>"The big advantage of Stylect are the <strong>precise information on the tastes of our users</strong>: on average 560 shoes are judged and this allows our algorithm to improve continuously. You can browse through shoes like a magazine, but – unlike a paper newspaper – Stylect recognizes the taste of the user. a fashion magazine of the modern era. "</p>
<p><b>You have recently released the Italian version that was among the recommended apps on the App Store. What is the average Stylect user?</b></p>
<p>"Apple has put us among the recommended apps inpid 100 countries. But I was especially happy that Stylect was chosen in Italiaperch for us as a fundamental market and many girls love Stylect. We are trying to incorporate their continuous feedback to improve the product from week to week and make the product palatable as much as possible. "</p>
<p><b>Stylect received an investment of $ 500,000 from a London investor. From Italy?</b></p>
<p>"For now only from London. Given that Italy is an important market for us and there is no better country than Italy for fashion, I am sure that it will also be an opportunity to work with Italian investors in the future. "</p>
<p><b>What are your next projects?</b></p>
<p>"My goal to make Stylect the reference app for mobile e-commerce in the fashion industry. Although 30-50% of the traffic of the various e-commerce sites now comes from mobile, there are very few apps in the sector."</p>
<p><b>If you were to give advice to your peers or colleagues, what would it be?</b></p>
<p>"Trying to always follow your basic passions. Follow your instincts and don't be afraid of the consequences. Every time I did it I found myself for months thinking that I had made a mistake, but inevitably in a short time everything has always started to go the right way. You can't spend a lifetime thinking about what you might have done. "</p>
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