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Steam Link for iOS and Android: finally streaming

Two new apps have been announced from Steam: one for videos, the other for phone games. The Steam Video app will be released next summer and will offer the chance to watch Steam-based movies and shows on iOS and Android devices. The Steam Link app is a bit more revolutionary. With Steam Link, users will be able to play games installed on the PC on their iPhone or Android device.

Not the first time we see a company trying to stream PC games on mobile devices. There is already a system called LiquidSky that costs $ 10 a month (with limitations) that transmits games from a remote PC to a gaming PC (hosted edge). We have also experimented with streaming games remotely on Android devices with NVIDIA SHIELD for many years now.

Steam Link

But Steam Link produced by Valve created to be used exclusively with Steam games. Users must have their gaming PC connected to the same 5Ghz or wired Ethernet network to which their Android or iOS device is connected. The games will be played on the PC and mirrored on the Android or iOS device – hopefully without problems.

This type of functionality has also been available on the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet for several years. We wonder why Valve took so long to release its Steam Link system on Android and iOS devices, as it is no longer new. Regardless of this, the Steam Link app will support the Steam controller, the MFI controllers and will be available to all users the week of May 21st. So it was announced by Valve.

In the meantime you can play Steam games in the same way on your TV with a physical Steam Link device that you can buy on Amazon. This is a small box that you purchase with a Steam controller with which you connect to the TV via HDMI. Connected in wireless mode to your gaming PC, you will have turned your television into a monster of games without delay.