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Sony's Palm in September

Sony's Palm in September

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Sony will start selling its PalmOs based pocket computer starting next September. The same company announced it yesterday announcing that other details will be announced in the course of the next few hours. Today, the Japanese giant holds a press conference at its Tokyo headquarters to officially present the device that does not even have a name yet and whose first official photos were seen only ten days ago, in the context of PC Expo in New York . Some rumors released in the night, however, herald that, in addition to the multi-function button that will allow you to navigate the screen using just one hand in advance, and the memory sticks, one of the main features of Sony's Palm will be the ability to connect to an online service called Image Station which will allow you to download images and videos from the Internet and view them on your computer. But this, according to some analysts, would be only the first step. More than the hardware business Sony would be interested in the possibilities that the handheld will offer to increase its business in the software and services sector. The Sony Palm should therefore give access to the immense library made not only of images but also of videos and, above all, of games, controlled by the Japanese giant. "Sony wants to push the handheld – said Katsushi Shiga, an analyst at the Japanese offices of Gartner Group – as an object for personal enjoyment and utility". At the moment there are no known details on the prices n if its marketing will take place also in Europe.

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