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Scansoft migrates to Hungary

Scansoft migrates to Hungary

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The problems of ScanSoft continue. The company specializing in graphic and text recognition applications has announced a 20% cut in its workforce and the transfer of the development activity of its main product, OmniPage, from California to Hungary. The decision marks a new chapter, perhaps not the last, of a troubled journey of a company that in one way or another, the most important in the field of text recognition in the Mac environment. The roots of ScanSoft, in fact , sink into the Xerox humus, of which it was once a subsidiary. As such it develops a series of interesting packages including TextBridge, the largest competitor of OmniPage. Over the following years the company became independent trying to find space in the difficult and always unfinished world of character recognition and differentiating its business. Here the decision to buy some of the products discarded by MetaCreations even before the "great liquidation" of some month ago. Kai?s Photo Soap, Power Show and SuperGoo went to ScanSoft, followed immediately by the purchase of Caere which was the largest competitor of ScanSoft when producing OmniPage. Subsequently, ScanSoft was in turn purchased by Visioneer, which in the meantime had sold its hardware division (which was, until recently, an innovative PaperPort roller scanner). to Primax. The closure of the Los Gatos offices in California marked the final closure of the Caere offices where ScanSoft had moved. The same development of OmniPage is now transferred to Hungary and with it all other packages still controlled by the Californian company also come to Europe. The decision was taken to cut development costs (which in the former Soviet bloc country are a quarter of those possible in the US) and try to save the business. Last fiscal quarter, ScanSoft's losses were $ 3.7 million against sales of $ 7.4 million, but if you add other costs and one-time expenses, the losses add up to as much as $ 24 million.

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