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Samsung thinks of a folding tablet

The Korean company has filed a patent that describes a tablet capable of folding in three

(Photo: Samsung)(Photo: Samsung, Patently Mobile)

There is a folding tablet in the minds of Samsung engineers: Patently Mobile revealed this first, having fished a patent filed by the Korean company at the competent office in the United States relating to a tablet that can bend in three, along two equidistant vertical axes.

The idea behind a gadget like this unites the usefulness of a large screen like that of a tablet in the workplace and multimedia with the transportability of a non-original smartphone: several manufacturers have already thought about it, but have had problems turning it into a successful product. Toshiba had tried in 2010 with the Libretto W100-10D, a gadget with a 7-inch dual screen and Windows 7 on board; the same Microsoft, years before, had started a similar project that became known as Courier and never completed. In 2011 it was Sony's turn with its Tablet P, with two 5-inch and a half displays and an Android operating system.

Not saying that Samsung actually wants to venture into the marketing of such a product: a patent is not necessarily a sign of a concrete commitment in this regard. And yet at this moment the world of technology has all the elements the lack of which has decreed the failure of folding tablets designed so far: more powerful and efficient processors, more advanced operating systems and not long before display really able to bend without uncomfortable joints. If Samsung decides to take the ball and continue on this road we will soon know.


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