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Regram: how do you share other people's posts on Instagram

Regram how do you share the Instagram Stories of others: the social is testing a feature that allows users to share another user's posts directly on their Instagram Story.

Comes the Regram on Instagram: the possibility of sharing the Instagram Stories of others

So regram

Instagram has always resisted the idea of ??a "Regram" button, but it seems that the company is reversing its point of view on the subject, at least in the case of Stories. Instagram is testing a feature that will allow users to share another user's posts directly on their Instagram Stories.

Regram how it's done

Regram how it's done

The new feature for Instagram Stories currently being tested for a small percentage of users and Instagram has confirmed that it is actually testing the new feature. "We're always testing ways to make sharing every moment easier with friends on Instagram."

Regram, repost video instagram

As can be seen in the video below, this one freshared function accessible via the existing sharing menu that allows you to share a post by direct message to other users. At the top of that menu there is a new "add post to your story" option.

Regram how it's done

When you add a user post to your Instagram Story, the original user is credited to the upper part, while the caption is displayed in the lower part.

Repost for instagram

Users have often turned to alternative and third-party methods to share other people's posts on Instagram. Even if you can't yet do the Regram a post directly in your feed, sharing the post in your story is a way for Instagram to capitalize on the desire for this feature without cluttering the traditional feed.

Regram Instagram to stand out

Instagram is also facing the competition of Snapchat and therefore must look for ways to stand out, as with this new sharing feature.