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Quality of service Iliad. My experience

The arrival of iliad in Italy, the new telephone operator who took over from Wind after its merger with Tre, created a lot of sensation but also disarray in the pre-established order of the operators, who by now had consolidated their market segment. No one would have expected an entrance in style of Iliad, with a promotion that has enticed everyone. We are talking about an amazing offer that includes unlimited minutes and messages and 30GB at the price of 5.99 per month (and forever). Almost half of what we have been used to paying with other operators, but with about twice the GB available. But what is the quality of the Iliad service? We talk about it in this article telling my experience.

The procedure for requesting a new SIM very simple. Just connect to the official website and follow the guided procedure, or using the columns for the request for the SIM (only the identity card is needed) distributed in a very short time throughout the national territory (they are also found in the major shopping centers). The SIM arrives home after a few days and you can activate it directly online from your personal Iliad account. For the portability of the number, a further 48 hours are required from activation. All very captivating but a doubt remains and the question flows on everyone's lips: what is the quality of the service?

Quality of the Iliad service

To give an exhaustive answer I wanted to personally try the Iliad offer by purchasing a SIM on May 29th, the day of the official launch of the promotion. It should be noted that my personal experience may not coincide with that of other users located in other geographical areas. obvious that it is not possible to give a universal judgment on the quality of an operator, precisely because of the position of the antennas and the quality of the signal that are different throughout the national territory.

The quality of the Iliad service: this is my experience after three weeks of use

During the week I travel to Lombardy between Pavia and Milan. I often use the train while in the city I mostly travel by metro. So I was able to test the quality of the Iliad service in the city and on the way by train and metro, checking the signal with frequent cell changes.

In the city I can easily catch the signal 4Gand I can confirm that in the last two weeks the situation has improved a lot. The first few days there was mainly a 3G connection. In the following days both the quality of the signal and the type of connection improved. Today I do not encounter any problems and I am always connected in LTE. It can happen that moving in a car in some more peripheral places the phone loses the 4G signal in favor of the 3G / H + line, but in the center this problem I have never encountered. During calls, I hardly ever noticed inefficiencies. The situation changes when using the internet connection. Often the 4G signal does not mean having a fast connection.

From the speed tests performed in the two cities, the download and upload speed was very variable. I managed to even reach peaks of 60MB in download and 23MB in upload, but the average of about 15/20 MB both in download and in upload. These results would have been excellent if obtained when connected on 3G. Less good with 4G line, than the case in question. The ping, which the time it takes a packet to reach the requested server and then go back, on average about 70ms. A little high if you think that a good 5/10ms result.

Quality of service Iliad speedtest

Daily use in the city leads me to make greater use of the internet connection. The exchange of messages with WhatsApp, Telegram or iMessage has never been a problem, even with the sending of images or videos. Also satisfactory internet browsing. Only in some circumstances I noticed some uncertainties with the initial loading of the pages, even with a full signal. As I said earlier, the call quality is excellent. The only drawback at present is the absence of Times (Voice Over LTE), ie the possibility to make calls using the 4G network. At the moment this function is not offered by Iliad and every time a call is made, the line changes from 4G to 3G. I hope this limit can be filled in the coming weeks.

During train journeys the situation changes. As soon as you leave the city, the signal begins to be a dancer. In a moment you switch from the full 4G signal to a couple of 3G notches. The speed of the connection is often not sufficient to load a web page or a social content. When the phone manages to hook up, the 4G connection is satisfactory and also allows uploading videos from YouTube. In 3G instead I first turn off the smartphone and dedicate myself to something else. I also tried to make a call while traveling by train. For 80% of the route I found no problems and the interlocutor could listen to me without interruption. Only in a section of the dombra area I lost the connection a couple of times.

In Milan, the situation is similar but less alarming on the underground. Inside the tunnels the 4G connectivity is absent (at least in the route I cover daily). In stations instead I often manage to hook up the 4G network. In this case, I have to admit that the navigation is satisfactory. The speed not to the levels of Tim (which even in the meter guaranteed a 4G high speed connection) but good for a basic use of the smartphone. In fact, I can use YouTube or stream content on RaiPlay and Sky, although for a few seconds it may happen that the playback stops and then resumes.

Assistance …?

The free service number for Iliad customers 177, active from Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9am to 8pm. I tried to call several times, the answer was almost immediate without long waits and on the other hand I found kindness and availability. Of course they are call centers that respond from Italy. Great judgment.

How did the other operators react?

Certainly for Iliad the situation can only improve, but we must also consider the reaction of the other operators who will not stand by and already something moves in the new offers. In this period the competition has tried to stem the escape of its users towards Iliad. These are the proposed offers.

The new TIM offer "IperGo It includes SMSisunlimited minutes, plus 30 gigabytesof 4G data traffic. Or Vodafone, offering at 10 euros a month Special Minutes 30 GBwith which you can have1000 minutesper month e30 gigabytes of data traffic in4G. Finally, Wind offers Wind All Inclusive Special 7 with1000 minutes, 500 SMSis30 gigabytesof data traffic in 4G at the cost of7 eurosper month. As we can see, all offers that are hardly comparable with that ofIliad.

How does Iliad make money with such a low price?

The question arises as to how Iliad makes money with this low cost price, which is almost half the price of competition. I had the opportunity to talk to some Iliad agents, who gave me a brief description of the company's policy. The strategic choice is not to open store points. In fact, we will not see shops with the Iliad brand and this will lead to savings that will be passed on to the cost of the service. Probably you won't even miss it, given the easy procedure for the online request of the SIM or through the columns that we will find everywhere. Furthermore, the offer of offers for the moment only and we do not lose ourselves among the innumerable options and tariff plans as for other operators.

To conclude?.

During the purchase of an Iliad card I was well aware of what I was going to meet: I would have left an operator who has been a leader in the telephone industry for years in Italy, to entrust me to a new company that is certainly disadvantaged from a technical point of view if compared with other competitors.

The savings you have with Iliad's offer is considerable. For some it may be worth the passage from other more consolidated operators. Others prefer to spend a little more to get a more reliable service. I decided to take the risk and bet in the small French company that wanted to forcefully enter the Italian market, aware of being able to find some inefficiencies, at least in the initial months. Summing up, after three weeks of use, I found the quality of the signal in the city satisfactory. During the train journey the situation changes. In fact, there may be signal loss or a deterioration in the quality of the internet connection. The activation of new antennas in the coming months will certainly solve these problems, but at present a factor to be calculated, especially by those who travel a lot.

To conclude, would I recommend Iliad to my family and friends? I did it and I think it will continue to do so. Despite the drawbacks I mentioned earlier, all those who have activated a SIM with this operator have not found significant problems in other geographical areas. You can check the coverage of your area at this address.