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Pepsi and iTunes, new old trick contest

New contest, old trick. This is the slogan that could mark the launch of the competition that in the USA allows you to win iTunes songs by buying drinks produced by Pepsi Co., a competition that would formally assign the blind goddess Fortuna the task of bringing you home a song but in fact how it happened in the past it assigns the same Fortuna a good way to say it, to see ourselves a little better: to tilt the bottle in the right way.

Anyone who has followed the events of the previous competition that ended last spring knows very well what they are talking about. Then it turned out that it was possible to peek under the cork (the place where the inscription stating the victory of the song is found or the 'retry you will be luckier' appears) to see if a bottle was a winner or not. The only condition is to find the right angle. The first analogue digital age hack, so called the trick, was the work of a site called MacMerc which for a few days became the headlines and was interviewed by various media (including Macity).

N Apple n Pepsi also commented on the story because the success of the competition was not so dramatic and probably did not even believe that it was so serious if it is still nine months after the conclusion of the first edition, it is still possible to do the same thing: enough tilt the bottle in the right direction to see if it wins or not.

In reality, considering the rules of the competition, it must be said that the possible damage produced by a possible rather limited consumer. Indeed, it is not possible to get more than 10 songs a day for a maximum total of 200 over the entire competition period. To get to this level you should 'peek' and then buy 200 bottles of 60 cc (20 ounces), about 120 liters of Pepsi or another assimilated drink, sending more or less what you spend to buy the same songs on iTunes Music Store.

The reason why Apple and Pepsi didn't bother to repair the hack and make it impossible is probably all here.