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Opera Mini is a facelift, here is version 8

The latest iOs release of the mobile browser has a whole new look and helps you keep data consumption under control

(Photo: Opera Software)(Photo: Opera Software)

Opera Mini completely changes its face. The alternative and free browser just landed on the iPhone and iPad app store in its new version, thanks to a total restyling that makes the look much nicer and above all consistent with the Apple operating system.

Also one of the most appreciated aspects of Opera is evolving data compression. When activated, the pages requested from the smartphone or tablet pass from the Opera servers that strip them of all the frills and returns them to the user equally comprehensible and formatted correctly. Now the functionality more flexible: you can keep it off when you are well covered by wi-fi and cellular network; or in savings mode, when the cover is misfiring; finally you can close the taps almost completely by activating a compression of up to 90% on the traffic when you are running out with the data plan or you are abroad and every important megabyte.


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