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Motorola mobile with iTunes: here's how it is done

512 MB of memory. This is how much you can have on the new Motorola E1060 to store songs. This is one of the most interesting functional details among those revealed yesterday by the company of the fins on the mobile phone, which is the first to introduce iTunes in the version for pocket devices among the integrated software.

Although the memory will not be integrated directly into the phone (which has only 32 MB of RAM) but will be added via the expansion slot compatible with the standard Transflash and even if on the card the songs will have to share the space with other files (like, for example, those taken by the 1.3 megapixel camera) it is overall a respectable size that if exploited entirely could result in a library of about 120 songs.

Among the other details of some interest, even in the future, is the fact that the iTunes for the Motorola mobile written in Java, which could disclose its portability on various hardware and software platforms.

The Motorola E1060, for the rest, does not appear particularly revolutionary even if a terminal of interest for the mid-range market and, being a 3G phone, aimed at a young audience with a marked orientation towards multimedia. The specifications speak of Bluetooth 2, 8X zoom for the camera, two-way streaming video, support for MPEG-4 and WMV as well as MP3 and WMA, WAP browser, MMS, the inevitable polyphonic ringtones.

Strangely, the page of Motorola that presents the phone is definitely subdued, not to say silently, compatibility with iTunes. There is no mention of the possibility of synchronizing the tracks with a computer or how to do it and no mention is made of the software, nor is there any compatibility with AAC or Fair Play. In any case, Amer Husaini, responsible for mobile devices for the EMEA market, has confirmed that the E1060 mobile phone, the first in a series that will be compatible with songs in iTunes format, which should dispel the doubts that arise in the margins of the technical data sheet of the mobile phone

The marketing of the phone is still very far away. You will not arrive before the end of the last quarter of 2005. Eight months of waiting, week more week less. As a result of this it is not surprising that there is not an official price even if it can be estimated, based on the target market, a cost between 200 and 250 euros.