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Most frequent Twitter news alerts: that's why you see tweets from people you don't follow

These news alerts on Twitter are not new, the social media started testing them a little more than a year ago, but it seems that now the news news alerts are becoming more extensive.

Twitter news alerts are not new, but they are becoming more and more frequent, which explains why you see account tweets that actually don't follow

Twitter shows some users notices about important news, similar to how a publication like the New York Times might do. These Twitter news alerts are not new, the social media started testing them a little more than a year ago, but it seems that now the news alerts of important news are becoming more widespread.

Twitter news alert more intrusive

Basically it turns out that Twitter is increasing the number of people viewing this type of news in the foreground.

These types of alerts are customized, which means that not necessarily, even if you are a sample person and you reside in a test area, you will see the same news as other users. The company is using a mix of algorithms and human intervention to decide who sees what, a Twitter spokesman said.

twitter news alert

Twitter News alert to increase engagement

Why Twitter is testing this kind of clear notifications: it wants to drive user engagement in the same way any other publisher wants to take readers to read a great story.

"Breaking news allows people to be informed about relevant news as events unfold, so they can follow what's happening in real time," a company spokesman said in a recent statement.

Twitter News alert to become a publisher

New or not, Twitter news alerts are an interesting feature, because sending push notifications on the news it requires the same kind of editorial judgment that news publishers face. And even if Twitter is much more open, for example, than Facebook on the idea of ??using human editors to recommend content (see: Twitter Moments), the company still operates mainly as a multimedia platform populated by other people's content, not like a real media which creates and pushes its own selection of news, even if Twitter is clearly going beyond this line of demarcation.