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Moody's, Apple OK debt

Moody's, Apple OK debt

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The acceptance of the Mac platform in the consumer sector will continue and with it there will be new pushes also in the professional sector thanks to the release of MacOs X. Moody's forecasts, the financial agency whose judgments on the debt of Governments and companies they are feared and respected, they believe in Apple to the point of expressing themselves with enthusiastic terms on the financial management of the company, an aspect that cannot be separated from that of marketing and product strategies. "The company – says Moody's – has undertaken new research and development of initiatives that led to the release of a robust product line that revitalized and threw new perspectives on the future, a time at risk. The choice to focus on the consumer sector has not meant to forget the professional environment where frequent update cycles and high volumes on the sales could allow to further increase the margins ". According to Moody's, the market to which Apple can point could be around 120 billion dollars "and the recent choices in the advertising field – analysts say – allow the brand to be significantly increased". Also interesting is the consideration of the advantages in the disadvantages of the competition with Microsoft. "Microsoft has a much bigger market – says Moody's and formidable allies, but it must manage, unlike Apple, a series of alliances and factors that can act as a brake. On the contrary, Apple directly controls software and hardware and to date has been able to manage this situation very well to its advantage. ?The report, drawn up for investors who do not know much about the platform, continues by listing some of the strategic factors that led to the positive judgment of Moody's : clear Internet strategy, an operating system that has been able to renew itself despite its difficulties dictated by an objective seniority, a future operating system that is arousing interest. All this allows Moody's to upgrade Apple's debt, a move that not entirely irrelevant to what could also happen in terms of products. Thanks to this judgment, in fact, for the Cupertino company it will be easier to obtain credits and, therefore, it could have more money to invest in research and development

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