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Mobile World Congress, Plus 12 is the Alcatel convertible

The TCL-controlled brand launches the new 2-in-1 which, in addition to the display and battery, is appreciated for the price: 499 euros

Barcelona With professionals working in ever-increasing mobility, solutions are needed that meet practical needs while keeping costs down. Most convertibles have a medium-high profile that is discounted on the tag, so Alcatel ride the wave of the price by presenting the Plus 12 at the price of 499 euros.

The cost draws attention, even if it goes without saying that it is not a machine comparable to a iPad Pro or ai new Samsung Galaxy Book. Given that, the attempt by the former French group controlled now by the Chinese of TCL makes sense, since it rests on two elements of primary importance for those who produce in motion, such as the display and the battery. The latter perhaps the most convincing trait, because the 26.8 Wh of the tablet (equivalent to 6900 mAh) adds the 2580 mAh of the detachable keyboard, which thanks to the LTE connection can also function as a WiFi hotspot to connect up to 15 devices.

Alcatel PLUS 12Alcatel PLUS 12

As for the screen, the panel a 11.6-inch Full HD IPS (larger than the previous Plus 10), ideal dimensions for those who have a traveling office, also because the 900 grams of weight do not require big strain on the back during the daily movements.

Equipped with Intel Celeron N3350 processor, 5mp front camera, USB-C port, USB-A, micro HDMI output and audio jack, like every 2 in 1, Plus 12 allows you to take advantage of different ways of using and viewing content.

Based on Windows 10, exploits Windows Hello for fingerprint recognition, the use of Windows Ink to annotate texts and the virtual assistant Cortana to search or memorize information and answers that fuss any doubt.


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