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Microsoft working on an electronic ink cover for Surface

Not only keyboard, but also command console and alternative interface: the cover imagined in Redmond for its 2-in-1 changes according to the needs

(Photo: Microsoft)(Photo: Microsoft)

There is no doubt that Microsoft Surface has been one of the most interesting devices of the last few years, capable of giving prestige to a category of products such as the 2 in 1 with a detachable keyboard. Microsoft is planning to further develop its line of gadgets through a new type of accessory: a cover based on an electronic ink touch display capable of operating from the keyboard but also, if necessary, of transform on-board commands dynamically just like in the Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro.

(Photo: Microsoft)(Photo: Microsoft)

From keys to music controls, through photo album covers and any other type of button, button or graphic interface you can think of to develop to any external developers: being completely leveled, the display that shows the touch controls it has the disadvantage of not being able to return any type of tactile feedback, but its iridescent nature makes it extremely versatile for any type of unconventional use.

The accessory for the rest would behave like one of the normal keyboard covers intended for the Surface series: it would communicate with the tablet through the pins placed at the magnetic joint and, once closed on the display, it would protect the latter from scratches. The patent, which emerged in these days, was actually filed in September 2016; as usual when dealing with this type of documents, not to understand if and when Microsoft intends to turn it into a real product.


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