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Microcustodia for iPod shuffle

Microcustodia for iPod shuffle logomacitynet1200wide 1

Bruddy Design announces a curious and original iPod shuffle protection system. This is Shufflemate also useful for wrapping the digital music player cable.

Despite its size and despite the extremely recent release date, iPod shuffle continues to stimulate the imagination of accessory manufacturers.

After the first announcements by DvForge he presented a series of supports including a "brooch" system to pin the reader to the collar now Bruddy Design to come forward with an equally original ShuffleMate. In this case we are faced with a plastic case that at one time operates as a protection system for iPod shuffle, a support for hanging the player to a suit and a binder for the headphone wire.

According to Bruddy Design on its ShuffleMate website, "it does not hide the style of iPod shuffle while offering shelter and comfort. As you can see in the photo that we publish, in fact, the small case has an interesting cable retention system that due to its length could be uncomfortable in particular situations.

SuffleMate will be on sale starting March at a cost of $ 16.95.

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