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MacWorld Usa is renewed

MacWorld Usa renews itself

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New graphics, new colors, new layout and a new "clickable" look. This promises MacWorld USA, the most prestigious and traditional of the American magazines dedicated to Mac in a press release. The current graphics were seven years old and no longer adequate for the times. Hence the decision to choose, on the basis of the experience of other Mac newspapers as the increasingly aggressive MacAddict, a fresh and captivating look. The reference to the Internet is inevitable. "The decision to redesign the newspaper – reads a statement – was the need to link the newspaper more closely to the Internet, creating greater synergy. The site will retrieve items from the newspaper and vice versa ?. The articles, explains director Andy Gore, will be more concise and able to help readers find what they are looking for faster. The columns will be grouped in a logical manner and some will be grouped together. MacWorld's hope to stop the inevitable haemorrhage of readers. With the advent of the Internet, according to many sources, the newspaper has in fact lost a great deal of ground, particularly abroad where it was widely read and where it now has the largest subscriptions for the delay with which it reaches its destination with respect to the immediacy of the Internet. In parallel MacWorld undermined by the aforementioned MacAddict. Despite this, thanks to the incorporation of MacUser which took place several years ago, MacWorld is placed according to official data of the same magazine to 1.6 million readers (not of copies, of course) for each issue. The first number renewed, which will bring the date of September, will be in American newsstands in July, for the Expo.

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