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MACWORLD: Magic Voodooo also for the Cube?

MACWORLD: Magic Voodooo also for the Cube?

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It really seems that 3Dfx is very well determined to become a leading player in the PC world as well as a protagonist of the Mac.Ieri world, in fact, on the same day in which it opened to the public its stand which occupies a relevant space of the Expo, the Voodoo producers have applauded with a statement that looks like a promise of new Mac products being released to Apple's new technology that allows a monitor to be connected and operated with a single cable. The system, presented for the first time yesterday on the Cube G4, allows you to greatly simplify the installation of a monitor by eliminating not only the need for power supply but also that of USB connection. "We applaud the elegance of this solution – they tell the ATI – which proves that once again Apple is able to produce innovative solutions in the computer sector. The press release does not mention the possibility that 3dfx in the future will devote itself to issuing alternative cards to the ATI 128 in use on the Cube, but certainly haste with which the company has launched in praise and appreciation is rather indicative in this sense. 3Dfx should, however, first issue cards that are smaller than the current ones. In fact, the Cube has a very small interior space and since we could see a Voodoo it could never be installed inside. Considering that 3dfx is studying this hypothesis, it seems to us rather probable. At that point we would not be surprised, therefore, to see options appearing on the Apple website in build to order with Voodoo cards. And seen how things are between Apple and Ati not only for what concerns the Cube …

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