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MACWORLD iMovie 2, Apple tries again

MACWORLD iMovie 2, Apple tries again

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In this hot Manhattan summer, iMovie, Apple's home video editing software, has been revamped with the iMacs. Now in version 2, iMovie has many interesting features that complete the shortcomings of a powerful and easy-to-use program. Contrary to the past, when its bundled presence on iMac DV made it a special feature of these machines ( only later – it is good to remember – nor was the free download available on the Apple website), iMovie 2 will be preloaded on all new machines with FireWire ports (iMac, PowerMac G4 Cube and PowerMac G4) and it will be possible to purchase as a separate package at $ 49 on the Apple Store from the end of August. At first glance, you are immediately struck by the new interface that contains many more Aqua-style elements, a move to get used to from now Mac users to the look and feel of the new OS, but the features that are hidden under this restyling are quite different: – a new effects panel now allows you to add, for example, a "sepia" tonality to give a touch of "old style" to your movies, or soft focus to slightly blur the contents of the shots – finally it is possible to superimpose two clips while keeping the audio of the first and projecting the video of the second ( a bit like when opening news headlines to be understood …) – ability to slow down or speed up videos (to make slow-motion effects or "Benny-Hill" effects) and send them backwards (a lot of awesome the demo that Steve Jobs gave with some clips …) – much more flexibility when it comes to inserting titles: now (finally, the undersigned says but I think a lot of readers will agree too) it's possible to change the size of the on-screen fonts and the positioning of the writings (even if still with some limitations) Also interesting is the possibility of saving one's productions on iDisk and leaving Apple (and the Akamai servers) of take care of streaming on the net, after having entrusted the creation of the HTML page that will host them to a wizard that is very reminiscent of the iCards. Evidently, once more, Apple thinks that the world ends beyond the USA, given that with the connections that we find in Europe (or at least in Italy) a solution of this type as far as "pretty cool" is not practicable IMovie 2 system requests are a 300 Mhz or greater PowerPC G3 processor, Firewire ports, CD or DVD player, 64 MB of RAM, 200 MB of disk space, Mac OS 9.0.4, Quicktime 4.1 and a monitor at a minimum resolution of 800 × 600 million colors (by Enrico Querci)

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