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MACWORLD Biprocessors also from XLR8

MACWORLD Biprocessors also from XLR8

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Have you been amazed by the power of the G4 dual-processor but do you already own a PowerMac G3? Do you also believe that "Two brains are better than one" but don't think it's time to change your Yosemite? Don't worry, there is XLR8 ready to solve all your problems. The company specializing in processor upgrades has in fact presented at Macworld Expo the new born MACh Carrier G4 Mpe, or two PowerPC 7400 (G4) mounted on ZIF socket. MPe stands for Multi Processing Enabled and, according to XLR8, it is the first and only upgrade of this type on the market today. For all Macs without ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) the CarrierZIF MPe is available, a daughter card that hosts the processor update and therefore makes it available for installation and use even on older machines. " CarrierZIF MPe is perfect for many users with older machines that only use one processor today but look to multiple processors for the future, "says Jack Kolk, vice president and general manager of XLR8. The new cards are compatible with all PowerMacintosh 7300, 7500, 8500, 8600, 9500 and 9600, with the UMAX SuperMac S900 and J700, DayStar Millennium and Genesis MP 720, 800, 900 and 932, with the PowerTower Pro and PowerWave. Also interesting are the proprietary technologies able to increase the versatility 'of the processor update: – MVP: Multiple Variable Processing, capable of varying the speed of the bus – MACh Speed ??Control: a software that provides a semi-automatic profiling of the cache and the CPUMolt or support for MAC OS X also seems promising: although Apple does not provide support for "non-genuine" G3 and G4 machines (ie born with a different processor and later upgraded) XLR8 engineers have successfully managed to get booting to an updated Mac with their tabs on which a DP OS of Mac OS X was installed. (Edited by Enrico Querci)

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