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Lenovo presents Yoga A12, a cheaper Yoga Book

The original had bought up a few months ago; now a cheaper version could finally make it affordable for the general public

It was only September when Lenovo surprised the IFA public with its Yoga Book, an ultra-thin and light untablet 2 in 1 with a touch keyboard able to work also as a drawing surface. The gadget has impressed with its impressive design, but the high price at which it is proposed does not make it an ideal candidate for the curious. For this reason probably the Chinese house has prepared a successor: it's called Lenovo Yoga A12 and takes up the interesting formula of the original Yoga Book at a lower price.

The compromises made to achieve this result are different: meanwhile, Yoga A12 has a display bigger but less defined: 12 inches the diagonal, 1280 x 720 pixels the resolution; the only operating system available also Android, while a Windows version of Yoga Book is available; the keyboard continues to function also as a graphic tablet but loses the possibility of acquiring information by writing on a normal notepad on the surface; finally the high autonomy of about 13 hours and the on-board processor or the not-so-new Atom X5 remain the same even though the amount of RAM is halved in support of the latter, going from 4 to 2 GB.

Yoga A12 is not a product dedicated to graphic artists and artists like Yoga Book could be, but it remains interesting for students, professionals and anyone prefer a product with a minimum footprint to a real keyboard. It is to be hoped that it will also come from us: in the United States one of the countries where the arrival has already been confirmed for February 8 will indeed cost less than a high-end tablet, or $ 299.


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