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Lara changes house?

Lara changes house?

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The announcement of the transfer of ownership of Eidos now seems a matter of a few days. The company that produced and continues to produce the Tomb Raider saga, perhaps the most successful game of recent years, very close to being bought by the French company Infogames. It supports the Financial Times website which adds details and details to the negotiations in run for weeks now. Infogames, in fact, would have offered as many as 600 million pounds to incorporate Eidos. The operation would be facilitated by the economic difficulties that, according to some sources, would be raising doubts about Eidos' ability to counter the American giants of interactive entertainment. Thanks to the purchase of Eidos, Infogames would become the largest producer of European games and very similar in terms of turnover and portfolios to some of the overseas realities. In recent weeks, some American sources had questioned whether Infogames could succeed in the enterprise of buy Eidos suspecting that behind the maneuvers to take over the company there was none other than the usual Microsoft. The possibility that Eidos was sold was denied, with little success, by Bruno Bonnell, president and founder of the producers of Tomb Raider.

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