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JBuilder for Mac

JBuilder for Mac

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Signs of support for MacOs X now come from many sectors, some of which are also important, such as software producers for application development. After the guarantees that MetroWerk will release a CodeWarrior version for the compilation of programs in MacOs X as soon as possible , yesterday's news that Inprise / Borland will release JBuilder for MacOs X. "This is the first Mac tool for eight years – said Dave Fuller COO of Borland – and demonstration of our effort to support as many platforms as possible". Thanks to JFBuider it will be possible to build Java applications for MacOs X in full compliance with the new Apple GUIs and fully support Java 2. The announcement, given during a convention, literally aroused the enthusiasm of the public that applauded and howled at the news. "I was surprised by the reaction of the public – said Fuller – also because those present (almost 3000 NDR developers) consisted mainly of developers dedicated to the production of applications for Windows" .JBuilder will be available, according to Inprise / Borland, together with the MacOs X release next winter.

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