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iTunes Music Store: 4 x 1, but all free (in the US)

If for many months North American users have been able to enjoy free music, a song a week (plus some offers without precise cadences), sa iTunes Music Store, for a couple of weeks they have four free downloads available.

The most recent novelty regarding the theme of free songs on the iTunes Music Store, already discussed a few days ago offering you a complete overview in every contemplated country, which on the US version of the Apple jukebox becomes a real "free download" section.

At the bottom right of the main screen of the iTunes Music Store US (in all other countries this space or empty or occupied by other categories) the new section appears and, for the second consecutive week, four tracks are listed which, for those who have a US account, represent the free songs available.

So the choice of free songs goes from a song to four, the "life" of the zero price goes beyond the usual 7 days so far known, since for example the song "Street Official Mixtape" (a very long rap for more than 20 minutes) was available last week but again this week, at the same time the other three songs on the list were renewed.

This week (which for iTMS starts on Tuesday) Americans can download for free: an audio book from 1 hour of 2003, a rap song, a very curious song probably dedicated to President Bush and a piece of alternative music.