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It's time to rethink social media content

The certainty of having to deal with something ephemeral translates into a necessary rethinking of the contents of social media, the time has come to rethink them.

The certainty of having to deal with something ephemeral translates into a necessary rethinking of social media content

by Emanuela Zaccone

The extraordinary success of Snapchat first and the Instagram stories immediately after, as well as the extension of ephemeral content to Facebook and Whatsapp are factors indicative of an emerging need on social media: it is not enough to share the moment, we want it to be lived here and now, that be consumed for what it is fleeting listantanea of ??an event, of an experience, of a moment of the day. It applies to users, but also to brands. Clearly, factors such as the caducity of content that was the basis of Snapchat's success among the younger ones also come into play: be certain that this video or photo message will only be visible for 24 hours breaks down a series of barriers of resistance that could influence the spontaneity of the contents. Today Instagram Stories and Whatsapp Status have 300 million active daily users each, Snapchat has 173 million of them. Too large and relevant numbers to be ignored by those who deal with design a brand's presence strategies and think about social media content. Here all the statistics on social networks updated to 2018.

Rethinking social media content

If for years we all had the assurance that a well thought-out editorial plan could be the basis for building a digital brand identity, on the other hand, now that certainty that had not collapsed but had to adapt to the emergence and success of ephemeral contents. :1) They can be programmed only in broad terms: I can decide that during the X event he will live on Instagram the different moments that characterize it, but the contents will be produced at the moment.

2) They have a precise language: made up of writings, lines, emojis, masks and therefore require a necessary adaptation of the language of the brand without forgetting the coherence with one's corporate image.

3) They can generate comments that must be managed immediately.

It is also not the only contents of social media that live in real time, the same is true also for live videos but the latter have a persistence even after their conclusion. The lifecycle of online content therefore changed to make room for a depth of consumption that matches the habits of the users: I can live the here and now of a brand with stories, appreciate its most stable contents with the classic posts and participate live in their everyday life. Based on what interests me, the time I have available, the brand. The certainties, indeed, are already rather limited on good practices for successful social media content (to paraphrase many of the catch-click titles of recent years) .It's not enough to be interesting, we really need to learn to involve and study strategistsand, ad hoc languages ??and tones for each chosen persistence plan.

An accurate communication

Let's be clear: the medium-long term programming is not dead. Not even blogs or corporate blogs died. To be honest no one in the midst of their faculties would never recommend to neglect all the other contents to devote themselves exclusively to those ephemeral or live streaming.Anzi.arrivato the time to program intelligently, to differentiate the posts with greater persistence from others, of invest wisely in value and long-term production. And at the same time take care of what has already been done. A brand community of today is the result of a community management work of months, years. A challenge that also passes through the ability to produce valuable content. That does not lose their importance today but can indeed be re-evaluated to create a storytelling story, to use a term dear to many which, declining in different forms and languages, returns a brand image adapted to target and specific moments. On the other hand attention also to not underestimate the complexity: ephemeral does not mean sloppy or poorly cared for, live does not mean with moved shots and incomprehensible audio. Above all, today it is not enough to say we want to be on social media but you have to learn to be there by changing language and skin, depending on the tool chosen. Not just a question of platforms, but of the ability to differentiate content. Without losing your identity.

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** Emanuela Zaccone: Digital Entrepreneur, co-founder and Marketing & Product Manager of He has over 10 years of experience as a consultant and lecturer in social media analysis and strategy for large companies, startups and universities. author of Digital Entrepreneur: principles, practices and skills for her own startup (Franco Angeli, 2016) and Social Media Monitoring: from conversations to strategy (Flaccovio, 2015).