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iPod, space cover

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Do you want to keep your iPod with something exclusive? Anything really "spatial"? Everquest has what it does for you: a cover made with the fabric of the return parachute from Soyuz.

The accessory, like hundreds of other similar products, designed to contain and protect your precious digital music player from scratches and wear, but unlike the rest of the competition on the front it has a brown colored insert that has been cut out from the braking system used by the Russian ISS Soyuz TMA-3 for the return to the atmosphere on 30 April 2004

The case, which for the rest is made of nylon and is also suitable for Blackberry and various types of PDAs, is sold at a price of 19 euros. At the time of shipment, a certificate of authenticity signed by Russian astronaut Alexander Kalery was also attached, which with the American Michael Foale and the Dutchman Andre Kuipers was on board the Soyuz.

Anyone interested in purchasing, in addition to the price for the custody, will have to send an e-mail to know the costs for shipping in Italy.

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