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iPod photo: the review

Thanks to a 2-inch 65,000 color screen, we will be able to view our photos on the display of the apple branded jewel, but above all we will be able to share them, using the AV cable included in the package, with an external display. Available from mid-November, the new apple product compared to the traditional iPod it raises the stakes significantly increasing not only the price, but also the capacity (the size of the internal hard disk), as a 60 Gigabyte model is introduced on the market for the first time.

The PackagingDifficult to think of a pack so well studied as the one made for iPods. By discarding the pack you have the feeling of "enjoying the wait" until we are faced with the object of desire of many, which even if to a first impact seems identical to the new 40 and 20 gig iPods: in reality it is slightly thicker.

In the endowment we find: two connection cables, USB 2.0 and the classic Firewire, the transformer that allows to recharge the device without having to use a computer, manual with CD, the two black cases, (the bag of soft material and the case stiff with belt clip – both of which do not allow the display to be seen) and finally the headphones with respective hoods.

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