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Inbox, another app that reinvents e-mail

The open source platform, at least in the intentions of the creators, the email of the next generation. That's why the idea could work

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<p>Behind Inbox, a California startup that wants to revolutionize the world of electronic mail, there are former students of MIT and former employees of Dropbox, two realities synonymous with excellence in their field of reference. The mission is arduous: to prevent future developers from dealing with <strong>the Jurassic protocols Imap and Smtp</strong> to manage the mail of its users.</p>
<p>Instead, this set of instructions and the infrastructure developed by Inbox will do the dirty work for you. With the result that, with just a few lines of code, any developer can integrate email functionality into their app, turning it into a simple vehicle for <strong>something more</strong> of what we are used to when we think of electronic missives: from instant messaging to fast archiving, passing through remote automation of functions with a simple button, the limit becomes only the imagination.</p><div class=

Google announced something similar during its conference, but the Gmail APIs are limited to the use of Big G mail. The San Francisco startup instead wants to extend the concept to any type of box from Yahoo! to Exchange to other Imap providers keeping the code open and creating a suitable infrastructure to make Inbox a universal standard.


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