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In France new lawsuit for Apple and iTunes

New complaint for Apple on charges of operating with anti-competitive policies. Advancing the claim to bring the Cupertino company to court, after the case of Virgin France, another transalpine reality, the consumer association UFC-Que Choisir. In the center of the case, once again, iTunes and iPod.

According to the plaintiffs, Apple implements a practice that results in a disadvantage for consumers because it prevents the use of songs downloaded from the iTunes Music Store with other players other than iPods. The position, even if reversed, is the same one assumed by Virgin France who claimed that iPod was an illegal competition tool as it only works with songs in protected format only if downloaded from the iTunes Music Store.

The lawsuit of Virgin France (to be precise from the online music store Virginmega) had already been rejected by the French antitrust commission. The body had stressed that we could not talk about trusts because the competitors are not obliged to use Fair Play or iPod; they can simply go to the market and fight Apple with the means at their disposal.

UFC-Que Chosir, which also sued Sony for its Connect store with the same motivation, asked the court to apply for damages of 30,000 euros to Apple and open iTunes for other formats compatible with music players of competing producers . The case should be discussed in Paris later during 2005.