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How to turn your PC into a router or WiFi repeater

turn your PC into a router

How many times will you have lost the WiFi signal in your favorite room because the WiFi router is too far away. If you have a very large house or on several floors it is difficult to cover all its corners with just one device, but if you do not intend to buy WiFi repeaters you can use any fixed PC or notebook as a portable WiFi hotspot or as a real own WiFi repeater, so that the signal arrives anywhere in the house.

Turn the PC into a WiFi router

In this guide, I'll show you how you can turn your PC into a router using the Windows command prompt or (for those looking for simplicity) a handy program that can do everything automatically with just a few clicks. This is a method that you can use in emergencies, when you must necessarily connect in an area of ??the house where it does not take the WiFi network or is not detected enough.

With the first method you can transform yours PC in WiFi hotspots using the items in the Settings menu of Windows 10, which with the latest updates has made it even easier to share the network connection with other devices, without using any program or terminal trick.

PC in WiFi hotspots

To find out how to do it and what are the steps to carry out the procedure, just read this dedicated guide available below.

LINK | How to turn Windows 10 PC into WiFi Hotspot

Use the Windows command prompt

Windows already has everything you need to turn your PC into a router. If your PC equipped with a wireless network card and connected to the main router (via cable or WiFi), open the Start menu and search for the command prompt program (or cmd).

turn your PC into a router

Once the prompt is open, type the following command:

NETSH WLAN set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = (name) key = (password)

Instead of (name), choose a name for the WiFi network you are going to create as a network expansion (you can connect to this new network to browse) and instead of (password) type an access password for the network (it must not to be the same as the main WiFi network).

Confirm with the Enter key on the keyboard; after confirmation, type the following command:

NETSH WLAN start hostednetwork

Now you can connect to the new network you created as an extension of the main network. You can use this network to connect the console, Smart TV, smartphone or tablet.

Obviously the extended network will be active until the PC remains on; when you turn off the machine the network will disappear. To turn it off manually, just use the following command at prompt:

NETSH WLAN stop hostednetwork

Use a free program

If the steps from the command prompt seem too difficult you can use a program that can do everything by itself: Virtual router manager.

Once the application has started, you will see a window similar to the one available below.

turn your PC into a router

Type the name of the network you want to create in Network Name (SSID) and the access password in the field of the same name; in Shared Connection Scroll down the drop-down menu to find the network with which the PC connects to the Internet (the WiFi card or the Ethernet connection if you are connected with the cable).

Once all the fields have been configured, click on Start Virtual Router to turn the PC into a new router to connect all the devices. To stop the connection, simply re-open the program (which is also present in the system bar at the bottom right) and click Stop Virtual Router. Also in this case the new network will remain active until the PC chosen as the router remains on.

You can download Virtual Router Manager for free (for any version of Windows) from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Virtual Router Manager

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